Mastic Asphalt Floor Repairs

A Mastic Asphalt Floor or deck varies in thickness and grades dependant on its use typically 10-20mm thick when used as a moisture suppressant it is normally poured over a separating membrane (technically it becomes a floating subfloor).

As a damp-proof membrane (DPM) mastic asphalt is a highly rated choice by highly experienced surveyors often used for flooring, tanking, steps, balconies and walkways as well as its traditional use of flat roofs.

I am raising this right here due to the fact when I check manufacturers’ technical data sheets for compounds over asphalt. I couldn't discover a single one that suggested a warning that gluing wood floors to asphalt should be prevented.

I recently went to a site where timber flooring had been fitted to a mastic asphalt subfloor with a latex smoothing compound. I did not realize at that stage precisely what had occurred. However, on my way there I popped into Paddy Power and placed on a wager that the asphalt floor had lifted absolutely with the wood floor still connected. It was a dead cert.

And on inspection GREAT NEWS!! we saw that the mastic asphalt subfloor had raised up turned off the base with the timber subdeck attached. The reason became apparent almost immediately the subdeck had picked up moisture, and once the water table had reached capacity (filled up cork to saturation point) the asphalt floor couldn't face up to the forces on it. As an end result it lifted and broke.

I asked the installer what he had performed by means of deck prep for bonding? He explained that he had sourced technical advice from the smoothing compound manufacturer who specified what he had done. I felt a little sorry for the client so we contacted the organisation in question who replied that it was no longer their job to fully test the subfloor, something with which is common and to a degree I agree.

However, it became obvious to me that the technical team did no longer recognize wood. And with the producer no longer taking any duty for their recommendation, the installer had become frustrated and given some of the most ridiculous solutions I’ve ever heard.

There are numerous things to understand when using mastic asphalt on substrates. Are there any cracks minor or worse? How thick is it? not less than 15mm is required for fixing, consistent with the Mastic Asphalt Council. I frequently measure subfloor thickness while there's failed asphalt. I regularly locate it's far less than 15mm.

The alternative issue you should don't forget is the type of compound and whether it has an extra power than the asphalt can take. For gluing wooden floors to a compound, in particular stable wood, we need at the least a norm of extra than 25. So, taking these types of elements into consideration, the probabilities of failure are excessive.

I understand there may be doubters who will inform me that they have by no means had an issue with asphalt and feature mounted wood floors for years with no problems. but now not everyone complains.

For example, I went to a site and was requested to investigate a wooden floor, most effective to find out that it become glued to an asphalt subfloor. The timber had lifted about 30mm. The purchaser said that he would now not moan to the store as he had lost religion in them because of this. He just wanted an answer. Unfortunately; the solution was the floor needed to be uplifted and a brand-new subfloor poured (now not asphalt).

To summarise, get an expert before you use mastic asphalt floors and check the specifications, if you need mastic asphalt floor repairs ask for a survey or send the contractor photos of the issues and they should easily be able to offer you some pretty straight forward solutions that will avoid costly ill fitting solutions by your incumbent contractor.

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