Mastic Asphalt Steps


Asphalt Steps

Mastic Aspalt steps are extremly durable. And can last for in excess of 30 years.

Mastic Asphalt is most commonly for floors and roofs. Due to the excellent durability of mastic asphalt. And its waterproofing properties it is also an excellent choice for exterior steps, stairs, pathways and driveways. It is an especially effective material for high traffic areas.

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Treads should be formed in roofing grade mastic asphalt and laid in two coats to a thickness of 25mm.
The first coat should be 10mm thick and the second coat should 15mm thick. And incorporating 10% to 15% of
additional 3mm coarse aggregate, excluding a separating membrane.


Risers should be formed in roofing grade mastic asphalt and applied in two coats to a thickness of 13mm, completed prior to laying treads.


Strings should be formed in roofing grade mastic asphalt. And applied in two coats to a thickness of 13mm. Dressed into a continual 25mm x 25mm chase, constructed either parallel to the pitch of the stairs. Or stepped vertically and horizontally to follow the line of the treads and risers. Strings over 300mm high need to be applied in three coats to a thickness of 20mm.

Asphalt Steps

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