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We are one of the UK's leading asphalt companies. We provide asphalt services across London and the whole of the UK. Since 1971 our lifetime skilled craftsmen have been devoted to their careers in mastic asphalt. They are all proud of the heritage they leave in forming and maintaining the mastic asphalt structures in the City of London and throughout the United Kingdom.

At Heritage Asphalt our dedicated surveyors and master craftsmen have spent the best part of their lives learning all there is to know about mastic asphalt and its amazing properties in all aspects of waterproofing.

Over the years we have built up a team of professionals who share a passion for providing only the very highest standard and quality of mastic asphalt work to our clients. Our surveyors provide council to many commercial, council and residential estate clients. As a company we have built an admirable portfolio having carried out projects for both new builds and historic landmarks such as the HRH Tower of London, Canterbury Cathedral, The Corporation of London and The Natural History Museum.

As times have moved forward, so have we. Embracing the rapidly changing world of technology and utilising state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the final product is exactly how it should be deliverer is a priority to us. Using modern technology like thermal imaging and moisture mapping ensure our leak detection team always provide our clients with detailed imagery and condition report information they need to make an informed decision during every project surveyed.

As a result of all the time, effort and sheer determination of our team, seeking out new technologies, learning and developing in an ever-changing industry, has given Heritage Asphalt a leading reputation in London for providing the very best in asphalt services, always endeavouring to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality and outstanding craftsmanship.

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As members of the Mastic Asphalt Council we also hold numerous accreditations, demonstrating that we work to high standards, including health and safety which we hold essential to our core business. All our team have been highly trained, starting as apprentices working under supervision on-site over 50 years in some cases, all traditionally skilled in the art of asphalting our team are holders of trade badges which include City and Guilds & NVQ’s that assess both knowledge and practical skills as well as the more modern CSCS & STSMS.

What is Mastic Asphalt?

Mastic asphalt is one of the most versatile construction materials. It can be seen used in iconic landmarks such as ‘The Tower of London’ and ‘Buckingham Palace’ through to private residences in and around the UK.

Mastic asphalt is commonly referred to as ‘The King of Waterproofing’ due to its excellent waterproofing properties. Aside from its excellent waterproofing capabilities this time-tested material has an abundance of other benefits, including:

• It is Environmentally Friendly.

• It has a Carbon Zero Rating.

• It is a Waterproofing System which has Stood the Test of Time.

• It can be fully recycled.

• Can be laid on Permascreed to Speed Up Installation Process.

• Straightforward Maintenance and Repairs.

• Provides a Seamless Finish.

• Perfect for Complex Detailing.

• Can Be Finished to Withstand Heavy Traffic.

• Can Last for More Than 50 Years.

What Is Mastic Asphalt Made Up Of?

Mastic Aspahlt is made up of limestone aggregates bonded together with either a real bitumen or a modified bitumen. Certain asphalt mixes can contain also contain Lake Aspahlt. Modified bitumen and mixes contain Lake Asphalt allow for better handling and performance.

Bonded mastic asphalt contains no voids. This makes it a perfect material for waterproofing. The way in which asphalt is normally applied in the UK is with a handmade wooden float. Asphalt can often be applied using a spatula. The use of a spatula can often be seen in Paris where French asphalt specialists prefer this method of asphalt spreading.

How Is Mastic Asphalt Made?

Mastic Asphalt is created through a batch production process. Fine and coarse limestone aggregates are bonded together with asphaltic cement. Nowadays this asphaltic cement normally consists of modified bitumen. However, some asphaltic cement will contain bitumen or a combination of bitumen with Lake Aspahlt.

The content of aggregate in this mix for most types of mastic asphalt will be 20%. But if extra hardness is needed for the application, such as a walkway or roof which will endure heavy foot traffic this aggregate content may go as high as 35%. The more aggregate added to the mix the harder the mastic asphalt will become.

The mix of aggregates with asphaltic cement are fed into a hot mixer and constantly agitated. Once a good mix has been achieved, samples are taken and tested in a lab. Once the mix passes the lab tests the mix is ready to be poured into a mould which will create numerous asphalt bricks. These bricks are left to cool off in the mould and then stored in batches before being taken to a construction site to be used to waterproof applications.

What Are The Uses of Mastic Aspahlt?

Mastic Aspahlt is commonly referred to as ‘The King of Waterproofing’. It can be used on a range of different applications. Asphalt roofing is probably the best-known use of this material. But it can also be seen used in the waterproofing of car parks, asphalt steps, flooring, tanking, bridge expansion joints, balconies, walkways and loading bays.

Mastic asphalt is truly a time tested versatile waterproofing solution which is environmentally friendly and carbon zero rated.

For any projects or technical information relating to mastic asphalt please get in touch with us or call our team on 0207 781 8150. One of our Aspahlt specialists will be delighted to help you.

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“I found Heritage Asphalt by accident on the Internet. It was a video about asphalting steps. I called Ryun who was very professional and had a great deal of experience and knowledge. The job was booked in straightaway and a team set about taking off old asphalt rebuilding and repairing the big Victorian staircase and then asphalting. The finish was quite amazing, these guys are very skillful at what they do and My husband and I were delighted. They were a professional team really hard working and highly recommend them.” Customer in London

“First class job - very polite. Couldn't have chosen better - highly recommend this company. Thank you.” Mrs Susan Knight

“Perfect service. Will happy use them again if required to.” Trevor Trim

“This company goes 'the extra mile' in both workmanship, customer satisfaction and consideration.” Mrs A Lighterness

“Ryan and team arrived, late afternoon, as agreed, to review balcony, approx. 25m2, 3 sides fed by tiled roof and one long length hand-rail. Problem, 3 leaks in different places from 10yr old asphalt roof. We discussed the problem and Ryun suggested a choice of two plan of action. We found his quotation very acceptable. This work was completed as agreed, in only a few days, to our complete satisfaction. Eight months after completion, I can now report that after a very wet winter, the roof is in a sound state. An excellent job done.” Customer in Cambridge