Mastic Asphalt Coating

Mastic Asphalt is a hot poured liquid waterproofing membrane material that is used for floorsflat roofing, balconies, walkways steps, paving and basement tanking. The mastic asphalt coating is applied to the surface substrate to form an extremely strong and watertight bituminous surface black in colour.

The bitumen element of any mastic asphalt coating should be especially noted when applying any form of repair product coating such as sealants from mastic guns. Oil based mastic compounds leach into the mastic asphalt coating and will slowly break down the bituminous content as any oil based product will attack the chemical properties of mastic asphalt.

Mastic asphalt coatings contain a bituminous compound which is a by-product of the petroleum refinement within this compound are very tightly bound particles. Additional strength can be added for various uses of mastic asphalt coatings known as “grades“ these have aggregate blended. Aggregate types can vary dependant on use but often limestone is used for roofing grades and granite is added for paving use. This material is known as mastic asphalt.

Signs you Need Mastic Asphalt Coating Repairs

• Bumps on the flat surface

• Cracks in the surface

• Vertical upstands or flashings damaged

• Blistering of the Mastic Asphalt coating

• Cracks, wrinkles or splits appear

• Sagging and pulling surface problems

• Pooled or Standing water

All of these issues can be easily rectified during annual maintenance visits by our specialist team of fully qualified mastic asphalt craftsmen.