Asphalt Concrete Repairs

Water stains to ceilings and damp walls below concrete and walkways can often be caused by a defective mastic asphalt seals to the pavement slabs or building external walls. Small leaks are potential signs that tell early tales that unhindered can cause long terms problems when it comes to water ingress and it’s of high importance to make certain any asphalt surfaces are taken care of and repaired correctly before any refurbishment works are undertaken.

Mastic asphalt surfaces coupled with deterioration, asphalt can become damaged, eroded or otherwise defective. We provide asphalt repair services whether it’s asphalt roofs, driveways, steps, pathways or just about any other asphalt service.

Specialist Repairs and Maintenance

Specialist repairs and maintenance requires assessments of the exterior surface elements swiftly so that small problems do not become very unfortunate ones. This regular attention can aid in eliminating surface ageing and result in substantial rewards ultimately extending the life of the mastic asphalt by years.

Repairs can be done simply on concrete to pavement lights using a hot pour of mastic asphalt which can be applied around the defective area heating the old existing enabling it to be cut out with a trowel down to the pavement and building structure level.

Molten Asphalt to the perimeter of the concrete, dug down to where they meet the bearings, cleaned, torched dry and primed using primer. After the primer is allowed to cure hot poured asphalt or a high module liquid waterproofing compound seal can be applied to the joints to provide a watertight solution.