Asphalt Floor Repairs

Asphalt Floor Repairs

There are many reasons why you may need to carry out asphalt floor repairs. While the asphalt flooring is in service like a lot of floors it can receive ‘impact fractures’. This creates shock to the waterproofing membrane and a crack or dig mark can occur.

Once this has been identified a repair will need to carried out. Another reason for mastic asphalt floor repairs being required is damage to the location on the floor where a fire has occurred. The asphalt is heated, re-melted and damaged. Typical reasons for fire damage occuring can be because of balcony barbecues or small fires which have been suffered by the property.

Another common reason for asphalt floor repairs being needed is due to an oil or petrol spillage. This generally occurs in a car park area where leaking vehicles cause the problem. The oil from these vehicles cause the faster breakdown of the asphalt waterproof decking. This can result in destruction of the covering.

If any of the above do occur it is important to rectify the problem as soon as possible in order to maximise the lifetime of your asphalt waterproofing.

The great thing about mastic asphalt is that it is easy to repair if you use specialist asphalt contractors. And once it is repaired, the asphalt surface is restored to a status where it is as good as new.

The Reasons You May Need Asphalt Floor Repairs

• Impact Fractures causing shock to the waterproofing membrane.

• Heat damage after a Fire Occurring on the Asphalt Floor.

• An oil or petrol spillage.

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