How to Repair an Asphalt Floor

How to Repair an Asphalt Floor

The procedure of conducting repair work to an asphalt floor, will need to be carried out by a qualified asphalt contractor. The mastic asphalt council1 has a list of contractors that are able to carry out these repairs to a high standard.

The surface must be cut back in straight lines using the ‘hot poultice’ method, this is where we first apply hot asphalt to the perimeter of the patch.

Then with a hammer and bolster we cut into the affected perimeter.

Once the lines have been cut the asphalt is lifted carefully with a pick or shovel. Later it is broken up into smaller pieces and cleared from site.

The edge perimeters are then cleaned back to create a break joint 10mm beneath the top surface edge. BSF or sheathing felt (separating membrane) is then cut to shape into the open area.

A first coat of 10mm is laid out of steel buckets and spread with a wooden float to create a smooth/even coat. This will have 10mm edge joints that are reheated by the asphalt and remade.

Next, we allow the surface to cool off, then a depending on the specification a second coating may be added.

The same process is carried out and the top coat is laid with all joints made. And an even plane with edges showing a ‘fusion’ joint between the old and new repair area.

Once the area has cooled sand is applied and hand rubbed with the wooden float until cooling off has taken place. The asphalt will cool off generally between 20 and 40 minutes depending on the deck and atmosphere temperatures. Once this has taken place, the mastic asphalt flooring is ready to receive foot traffic and is as good as new.

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