What's the Mastic Asphalt Council?

The mastic asphalt council or MAC is a trade association for the UK mastic asphalt industry. Within the council there are many associations among these, they include the mastic asphalt manufactures such as IKO and Shield Membranes. The council also has a list of vetted contractors (installers) this can be found and are sourced by councils, architects and building planners. All the approved contractors carry a high level of skill and are backed by CITB schemes to a minimum of NVQ level 2 and level 3.

The mastic asphalt council are also associated with a supply chain of suppliers and services, all materials are governed and BBA certified. The council also represents its members and interests, on national and international levels through liaison with other trade associations, professional societies, government departments and international bodies. They regulate the quality and workmanship standards for the installation process by its members and this is in the form of inspections to core samples and most importantly quality control.

Within the council it provides a full range of technical information services to architects, surveyors and other specifiers on the design of all types of installation from asphalt steps, balconies, car parks, damp proofing, tanking, roofing, paving and various other disciplines. The mastic asphalt council liaises with unite (trade Union) on supporting terms and conditions of national working rule agreement.

Further details about the mastic asphalt council can be found on their website: http://masticasphaltcouncil.co.uk

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