Mastic Asphalt Fireproof

One of the primary considerations when it comes to health and safety in contracts such as education of health is roofing products; what to use, what materials, fire risk. The latter is the without doubt one of the biggest problems faced, however, mastic asphalt is without question, the most fire resistant roofing product, the high mineral content virtually makes it incombustible and achieves the highest rating when tested.

Contrary to beliefs mastic asphalt does not need a naked flame to be applied, this hot molten liquid is laid with wooden floats and steel trowels, no naked flame should be anywhere near the roof. Mastic asphalt is zero carbon rated, quickly and easily installed and if maintained can last for a long-lasting roof covering. Any substrate is no problem for this durable product. All other roofing waterproofing products do not match up to mastic asphalt.

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