Is Mastic Asphalt Fireproof?

Mastic asphalt is the most fireproof roofing product. It has a high mineral content which makes it virtually incombustible. When tested in accordance with BS.476 part 3.1975 it gets the highest rating of (aa) formerly (p60). It has also performed excellently in accordance to draft European standards. No significant spread of flame or flame penetration was found. Mastic asphalt systems have LPCP accreditation for fire safety.

This makes mastic asphalt an excellent choice of waterproofing membrane for contracts where fire risk is a primary concern. Typical contracts where the fire resistance of the roofing membrane would be critical would include educational and health facilities.

Despite being a common belief, mastic asphalt does not need a naked flame to be applied. This hot molten liquid is laid with wooden floats and steel trowels. There is no need for any naked flame to be anywhere near the roof. The molten asphalt can be transported from an asphalt mixer to the roof using buckets dusted with cement, to prevent sticking. 

Mastic asphalt is zero carbon rated, can be installed quickly, and can nearly always be repaired, if defects occur. A correctly installed and maintained asphalt roof should last in excess of any guarantees given. It can be applied on a range of substrates and outperforms other roofing membranes when it comes to fire resistance.

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