Mastic Asphalt Waterproofing

Mastic Asphalt Waterproofing provides Unbeatable Protection from Water Penetration

Mastic asphalt has been successfully used to provide unbeatable protection from water penetration for over 150 years. This incredibly versatile material offers a hand laid, seamless finish other membranes frequently break down from. With a zero-carbon rating it is highly sustainable and totally combustible leaving it top of the fire rating tree in waterproofing.

Mastic asphalt is one of the world’s most traditional construction materials and still continues to develop with the times. Mastic asphalt products comprise of suitably graded limestone and finally course aggregates bound together with refined bitumen and asphaltic cement which produces a dense voidless material, delivered to site in either block form or a hot molten charge transporter.

Recently the material as been re-formulated to include advanced polymers for increased durability combining its traditional strengths with modern technology. Not just simply a roofing material. It is used in various applications including tanking, external and internal carparks and flooring, domestic jobs or hospitals and shops floors and factory floors, highlighting all different grades of asphalt. Until the introduction of NVQs, the mastic asphalt spreader was trained to a 4-5-year city and guides apprenticeship incorporating all the above areas of the trade.

Incredibly, Sir Walter Rayleigh discovered in 1595 while visiting Trinidad and Tobago, the asphalt lake, this black sticky versatile substance he quickly realised this was ideal for caulking cracks that were leaking in his ships.

Mastic Asphalt is used in many Historic Landmarks throughout London

Mined since 1867, an estimated 100 million tons has been used in that time. Many historic landmarks have mastic asphalt as the waterproofing, for example, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London and even the M25 bridges have mastic asphalt as their waterproofing. No other product on the market gives this amount of variety proving how widely used this invaluable waterproofing is.

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“I found Heritage Asphalt by accident on the Internet. It was a video about asphalting steps. I called Ryun who was very professional and had a great deal of experience and knowledge. The job was booked in straightaway and a team set about taking off old asphalt rebuilding and repairing the big Victorian staircase and then asphalting. The finish was quite amazing, these guys are very skillful at what they do and My husband and I were delighted. They were a professional team really hard working and highly recommend them.” Customer in London

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“Ryan and team arrived, late afternoon, as agreed, to review balcony, approx. 25m2, 3 sides fed by tiled roof and one long length hand-rail. Problem, 3 leaks in different places from 10yr old asphalt roof. We discussed the problem and Ryun suggested a choice of two plan of action. We found his quotation very acceptable. This work was completed as agreed, in only a few days, to our complete satisfaction. Eight months after completion, I can now report that after a very wet winter, the roof is in a sound state. An excellent job done.” Customer in Cambridge