Skirting and Fillet Upstand Repair

Skirting and Fillet Upstand Repair

Problems to skirting often occur when there is a breakdown around the mastic asphalt. For example sand and cement mortar cracking then lifting pulling out of the prepared chase, allowing water to creep behind the asphalt and eventually ingress.

Coping stones to roofs often breakdown, this will also cause problems if no damp course is in place

Impact damage/ cracks will also leak over a period of time and are often caused by other trades working on roofs, dropping sharp objects or tools.

All these problems can be solved easily by one of the following methods:

• Cut down the damaged area

• Prepare chase

• Prime wall

•1st coat asphalt with tower tucked into chase

•Top coat with wooden float making good to joints

•Install angle fillet to base of skirting and horizontal

•Point chase and solar point.

Asphalt Skirting