Tarmac Patch Repairs

Tarmac Patch Repairs

Tarmac patch repairs and asphalt patch repairs are both commonly used in the construction industry.

The Tarmac Patch Repair Process

• To carry out patch repairs, the area has to be cleaned back.

• The joints need to be made square with the opening being broken back to an edge. This will not only create a clean edge, but will also be broken back so that the edge is firm and is good order.

• The area should be primed and the tarmac overlaid with additional thickness being applied.

• Then the area is to be either tamped or rolled flat with worm tarmac. Once this has semi-cured water can be applied to accelerate the firming or drying time.

• Then a bitumen 20mm joint seal is to be poured over the perimeter joints, once cured this will last years. (It is important to keep perimeter joints in good order as within car park areas these can be a health and safety issue due to being a trip hazard).

An Alternative to Tarmac Patch Repair: Using Mastic Asphalt

Mastic asphalt can also be used for patch repairs. The only difference to the above process is the use of mastic asphalt. The benefit of this is asphalt is waterproof. This will eradicate the problem tarmac patch repairs encounter during the freeze to thaw process. This causes the underside of the tarmac to be attacked and result is the surface breaks apart. With asphalt this does not happen.

For car park repairs especially top deck areas, mastic asphalt patch repairs are a lot more suitable. Asphalt can tolerate greater movement and can withstand the weight of pedestrians and vehicles if granite is added to the compound.

Both tarmac patch repair and asphalt patch repair systems have their own strength and weaknesses. But as overall finish systems they are both extremely hard to beat.

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