Mastic Asphalt Blisters

Mastic Asphalt Blisters

Are often raised from the flat contours of the mastic asphalt surface circular in appearance to blows/bumps but with the top split or cracked open. To the eye these will appear to be again obvious and unnatural, not unlike small volcanos on the flat areas. They are generally caused by trapped moisture beneath the surface of the asphalt and can be singular or multiple in number.

So can mastic asphalt blisters be repaired ? Well let’s start with the facts first shall we, yes - in fact mastic asphalt is one of the very few waterproofing materials that can with the right preparation and application can be rectified easily.

Mastic Asphalt damage can be easily recognised by anyone, yes anyone, once expertly laid by hand crafted tools of an asphalter the final finish of this age-old heritage system leaves a completely seamless waterproofing layer laid to the falls of the roof.

Excessive blistering may be indicative of more serious underlying problems and should be cut out and the substrate examined to establish the cause. All repair work to a mastic asphalt surface should be performed by a qualified mastic asphalt specialist.

Here’s some other straight forward signs to look for on your asphalt surface:

• Bumps on the mastic asphalt surface that are raised and often rounded in shape. Visually to the eye these will appear to be obvious and unnatural in relation to rest of the flat areas. They are generally caused by trapped moisture beneath the surface of the asphalt and can be singular or multiple in number (also referred to as blows or blisters the later being in the final stages of the defects penultimate damage).

• Cracks & Splits can be caused by trapped moisture, water seeping into a crack or split can be very damaging. In winter time rainwater in slits/cracks often turns to ice expanding the water volume and as a result pushes against the asphalt increasing the crack. This pushing can cause then wrinkles/creasing cracks or splits often also due to thermal movement in the substrate or impact damage are very clear to see.

Asphalt Repairs & Maintenance London.

Water stains to ceiling and damp wall damage below balconies and walkways can often be caused by a defective mastic asphalt membrane. Small leaks are potential signs that tell early tales that unhindered can cause long terms problems when it comes to water ingress and it’s of high importance to make certain any asphalt surfaces are taken care of and repaired correctly.

Mastic asphalt surfaces coupled with deterioration, asphalt can become damaged, eroded or otherwise defective. We provide asphalt repair services whether it’s an asphalt roof, driveway, steps, pathways or just about any other asphalt service.

Specialist repairs and maintenance requires assessments of the exterior surface elements swiftly so that small problems do not become very unfortunate ones. This regular attention can aid in eliminating surface ageing and result in substantial rewards ultimately extending the life of the mastic asphalt by years.

Repairs can sometime be done simply using a hot poultice of mastic asphalt can be applied around the defective area heating the old existing enabling to cut out a patch with a trowel down to roof structure. Equally, this can be achieved with a small hand-held battery grinder. Either option takes away the health and safety hazard of a gas bottle and torch and hot work permit. Once patch is removed, a break joint can be cut out using mastic asphalt as to lay 2 coats. Sheathing felt will be cut in to patch as a separating membrane. A first coat will be made good to first break joint, then when cold, top coat will be installed, warming and cleaning the old existing lifting and making good with a sand rubbed finish leaving flat and completely waterproofed.